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It is important for customers to have confidence in the accuracy of their equipment. One way that All-Fill can provide constant dynamic feedback on the performance of a filling operation is through the use of our proven Active Feedback system, which over a production run can greatly reduce the amount of giveaway of product to around 0.1% when filling to Average Weight Legislation. Allowing customers to ensure that they do not consistently over-fill products can lead to great savings in ‘product giveaway’ and provide a return on investment many times the value of the filling machine over it’s lifetime. Using an integrated check-weigher we can also monitor under/overweight containers and allow these to be rejected if required. This system was of great interest for a leading producer of cocoa powders when they purchased their latest dual-head filling machine from All-Fill. Filling alternate products on the line, each independently driven head features a servo motor to rotate the auger, driving a precise volume of powder into each container. Using the check-weigher to monitor the output highlights any inconsistencies as a result of varying powder densities being loaded into the filling machine. With no container change parts and product format recipes stored on the machine HMI, changeovers are quick, efficient and easy for operators to understand. To maximise dust containment, containers can be ‘bottom-up filled’ – each container is raised prior to filling and then during the fill it is lowered to match the increasing powder volume in the container – using this system in conjunction with a standard dust extraction nozzle keeps the working area clean and hygienic. To get in touch with our team of experts please visit our contact page here [...]Read more...
All-Fill International continue another highly successful year with the successful first-time completion of a rigorous FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). The client, an internationally known producer and packager of freeze-dried coffee granules and whole beans, came to All-Fill International for the complete filling line, with the All-Fill auger filling machine situated at the heart of the line. We worked with suppliers to provide complimentary peripheral equipment to complete the filling line, working closely with trusted suppliers to ensure the most suitable and cost-effective solution for the final customer. The product flow commences with a depalletiser and air-rinser unit, ensuring the jars to be filled are clean and free of potential contaminants. After the product passes through a metal detector it enters the All-Fill rotary filling machine. Owing to the speeds required of up to 200 filled jars per minute, a twin-head filling system is utilised. A single hopper in siamese configuration with two servo driven augers allows two fills to be completed simultaneously, into the continuously rotating pockets of the All-Fill continuous motion rotary filling machine to precisely fill the jars to the customer’s required weight and tolerance. Enclosed in a complete nitrogen rich enclosure, once jars are filled, a dosing unit sprays coffee aroma inside each jar prior to foil sealing, then capped, labelled and laser-marked by specialised machines integrated to the filling line. Each machine becomes a module within the overall filling line and the entire line concept is proven and stress tested at the All-Fill site so the customer can be completely confident once the equipment arrives onto their site. To get in touch with our team of experts please visit our contact page here  [...]Read more...
All-Fill have been working with our distributor based in Germany, BB Verpackungsmaschinen (Bernt Binder Packaging Machines) for over 20 years. Covering a large geographical area – including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, with Russia and the CIS region covered by Olga Binder, both are experts in their fields, with over 60 years of experience between them. Since Bernt established BBV in 1997, and signed an agreement with All-Fill, together we have established a strong working relationship with many successful machine sales and installations in BBV’s territories. Employing five staff members and offering complimentary machines, many of whom All-Fill can also offer machinery from as part of a complete turnkey line solution, BBV offer the complete range of All-Fill’s world leading auger filling machines. With multiple machine orders already received in recent months from BBV to All-Fill, and a healthy pipeline of ongoing enquiries, we look forward to many more years of future collaboration and success – as well as to welcoming Bernt and Olga on their next visit to the All-Fill site in Sandy. To get in touch with our team of experts please visit our contact page here  To contact BBV directly please visit their website here  [...]Read more...
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