Pharmaceutical Filling

An Irish specialist pharmaceutical customer has recently returned to All-Fill International for a third machine to support their growing business. All-Fill have a range of machines that have been able to match and support their growing needs for complexity and automation.

From their first semi-automatic S10 model purchased in 2017, used by operators to manually fill bottles, they have now expanded their operations and their latest machine incorporates a fully automatic Tare and Gross weighing, filling and capping system.

Operators load empty bottles onto an infeed collection table, from where the bottles are moved onto the conveyor infeed. Bottles are then transported into the rotary starwheel before a precise dose of powder is filled into the bottle.

Bottles are weighed whilst empty, prior to filling as well as immediately afterwards so that the weight of powder within each bottle can be checked against specified tolerance and either continue to the capping station and outfeed or, if a correct weight is not recorded, rejected using a reject conveyor. Further sensors confirm the presence of the cap and good products are printed with batch information before proceeding to the outfeed collation table.

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